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The academic research laboratory LPCML combines research with creativity and innovation at the interface between physics, chemistry, biology and Earth sciences. Its aim is to extend the frontiers of knowledge and to serve society through scientific research. Structural and optical characterization of materials together with the design of novel materials, lie at the heart of its activities. The principal applications are found in the fields of health, energy, environment, lasers and telecommunications, visual displays.  


Activities in CLEANSPACE:


In CLEAN-SPACE LPCML brings its experience in the correlation between the structure of the laser materials and their optical properties and so it will participate to the WP4000 (High Energy Laser Technologies). LPCML puts at the disposal of CLEAN-SPACE its knowledge of neodymium, ytterbium or chromium –doped crystals for laser applications. A few years ago, LPCML has started cooperation with CILAS in order to design and characterized transparent ceramics for high power lasers. 


Contact person:


Name: Alain BRENIER

Address: 10 rue Ada Byron 69622 Villeurbanne, France

Tel./Fax: +33 4 72 43 14 12

E-mail: alain.brenier@univ-lyon1.fr