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Research activity includes fabrication of optically active materials (glasses, crystals, ceramics, powders) doped with rare earth and transition metal ions and their spectroscopy characterization. In particular by means of sol-gel technology there are produced monolithic and porous silica and titania glasses, nanocrystalline powders, nanoceramics and thin films.  


Activities in CLEANSPACE:


Within the “Affordable pumping system” activity (WP4300), the ILT&SR have the task to evaluate the feasibility of a low cost pumping system based on flash lamp surrounded by a nano-ceramic layer inducing an emission which is directly in the 800-820 nm absorption band, or in the 880 nm band of Nd doped oxides.


Contact person:


Name: Wiesław Strek

Address: ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wrocław, Poland

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