Astronomical Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University       




The Astronomical Observatory is a part of the Physics Faculty  of Adam Mickiewicz University (AO AMU). The Observatory has a long experience (since about 35 years) in observations (optical, laser, doppler and GPS), orbit determination and in orbital dynamics of artificial satellites and space debris. Papers were published in different  international journals (e.g. Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, Advances in Space Research, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, and others) and were presented on different conferences (COSPAR, AIAA, AAS, ESA conferences).
The Observatory is one of the participants in the ESA PECS Project:  ''Space debris observation and evolution predictions''

AO AMU has close cooperation with SLR station in Borowiec near Poznan and participates in laser range observations of satellites and determination of satellite orbits.


Activities in CLEANSPACE:


The Astronomical Observatory will be involved mainly in:

  • WP200 – operational analysis, synthesize the bibliographic data available on orbital debris issues;
  • WP300 – future laser debris removal utilization;
  • WP500 – accompanying technologies,  development of the software  tools for precise  trajectory prediction  with the use of the  second order analytical theory of space debris motion o with 20-30 cm accuracy including all perturbing factors on an appropriate accuracy  level.


Contact person:


Name: Edwin WNUK

Address: Ul. Słoneczna 36, Poznań

Tel./Fax: +48 61 8292772